A.R. Penck – Solo Presentation (Art Basel 2024)

Rene Schmitt is extremely honored to present a solo presentation by the international highly acclaimed German artist A.R. Penck.

The Art Basel 2024 marks the 35 years anniversary in the relationship with A.R. Penck. The solo presentation will exhibit rare largescale woodcuts and silkscreens as well as drawings spanning from 1970 to late 1990ies along with a set of never exhibited bronzes from 1992.

Rene Schmitt states:

I started 1989 at the age of 16 to work and gradually become close friend with A.R. Penck (Ralf Winkler) until his death in 2017.

I still remember working on the largescale wood plates on the roof top of the gallery and A.R. Penck taking a chainsaw to cut the wooden plates. Amazed about this rawness, this creativity, and this free spirit Penck explained to me that you can take whatever tool you want to cut the plates – it must only suit your expression.

For me a circle closes now. A long span relationship with A.R. Penck and a story to tell.