Marc Brandenburg

Flag (2021)
YSL (2021)

Dear Marc,

How dare you!

Fragile. Wounded. Violent.

How dare you to push our limitations?

The obvious, allegedly immediately comprehensible image, which suggests a clear, superficial message to the viewer, is in truth only disguised. We are the disguise.

When Art & Language presented their new edition to me after more than 9 months, which consisted of two words, I thought “oh, come on, what the hell, 9 month for two words?” But the more and more I read these words the more I realize how deep, how essential, how pushing limitations they are.

One can try to create the supposedly great through the concept of overloading information paired with over-intellectuality. Or you can use a disguised pencil drawing.

I like your pencil drawing.

Thank you, Marc, for a long, very long journey together.